Allegra Hicks



July 31, 2015

Panarea Pink

I love the combination of colours in this picture I took in Panarea. The deep blue sky, against the salmon pink and stark white wall; the green palms like sharp cut outs on the bright background. It is a beautiful combination, perfect in its simplicity.

Alice Kulbat Necklace

I was in Australia last month to be the keynote speaker at this year’s Design and Decor event. While there, the wonderful Tigger Hall hosted an event in her showroom for me where I met the jewellery designer Alice Kulbat. I was enchanted with this necklace and had to take it home with me. To find more of her work go to

Money Coil

This fabulous money coil I saw at the MossGreen Gallery in Melbourne is a currency known as tevau. Feather money is used in Santa Cruz as a form of currency for settling important obligations and its supply is limited by the availability of the feathers used and the man-hours involved in its manufacture.