Allegra Hicks



December 2, 2014

Venini Drops

I love these glass drop decorations that I came across in the Caliari showroom in Turin. They were design by Paolo Venini (1895 – 1959), one of the leading figures in the production of Murano glass and an important contributor to twentieth-century design.

Venice in Winter

The best time of year to visit Venice is definitely the winter. The herds of tourists have gone and left Venice for you to explore alone. Softer pastels replace the vibrant colours of the summer, the canals are calmer and the atmosphere even more romantic.

Moroni at The Royal Academy

Giovanni Battista Moroni was one of the greatest portraitists of 16th-century Italy. Famed for capturing the exact likeness of his sitters, you will be transfixed by their depth and immediacy. This small show at the Royal Academy is well worth a visit and only runs until the 25th of January.