Allegra Hicks



April 3, 2013

The First Camelias

It is always a surefire sign of spring when you see the first Camelias in bloom. I saw these on the pavement, having fallen off their tree. They are such a vibrant colour and the contrast with the dull concrete of the pavement is wonderfully symbolic of the hope springtime accompanies.

Restaurante del Cambio

This incredible restaurant in Turin is a must when visiting the Northern Italian city. The original 19th Century interior is sublime and emits the kind of faded grandeur only eminent in European cities like Turin.

Marella's Lampshade

I was at my friend Marella’s house and was totally taken and inspired by this beautiful plaited and pleated lampshade of hers. It is so chic and so new – I have never seen anything like it. Have you?