Allegra Hicks


Boetti, Taxidermy and NY at night time

April 1, 2012

Alighiero Boetti exhibition

I adored the Boetti exhibition at the Tate Modern. I could stare at his enormous fabric maps made out of a rainbow of flags for hours, mapping the many journeys I wish I was on and choosing my next travel destinations while letting my eyes do the travelling for me.


There is something morbidly fabulous about taxidermy. It reminds me of the roaring 20s and colonial Britain. It is amazing to see how skilfully life can be sculpted back into these animals. It ensures they remain beautiful forever. The craftsmanship I encountered in this workshop in Paris left quite an impression on me.

NY at night time

I took this picture in New York because I love the pattern the lights create. I often see things and imagine how they can be interpreted graphically. This was a building site but why was the light on so late?! Were they working through the night or did they forget to switch the lights off?!