Allegra Hicks



February 4, 2014

Feather Crafts

I found this beautiful malachite lamp recently which came with a rather drab lampshade. I love doing DIY and crafts to improve my home so I sourced these beautiful emerald feathers to dress it. It now emits a warm 1920s glow when lit.

Winter Sea

Winter by the seaside has its own special feeling; an intimacy not present in the busy summer months. A walk on the beach this time of year can bring still waters and calm, or a whipping wind and wild waves. Everyday brings with it new colours and smells exclusive to this time of year.

Paul Klee Tate Modern

The Paul Klee exhibition at the Tate Modern which runs until the 9th of March was a revelation. It is a rainbow of colours with only the most subtle and surprising shades. This picture is my favourite with its dark velvety purples and light lilacs and yellows.