Allegra Hicks



February 4, 2013

Accidental Art

Walking around the streets of New York, one stumbles across so many things that capture inspiration. You can see patterns emerging on this disused billboard through the layers of torn paper – it almost seems like it was done on purpose. The eye wanders and sees whatever it sees and normal objects turn into accidental artworks.

Geneva in Winter

I love this picture of Geneva in the winter. It’s so beautiful and dramatic; the lake, the sky, the¬†vineyard¬†covered in snow. The many shades of grey and deep blues create a beautifully subtle winter palette which make this scene look like a painting.

Coffe Cup Reading in Beautiful China

I love the Turkish tradition of coffee cup reading even though I don’t like to know my future! It is however so tempting to get a reading when staring into such beautiful china; surely it can only be good news!