Allegra Hicks


Giuseppe Penone, Allegra by Allegra, Rose and Coral

September 7, 2012

Giuseppe Penone, Whitechapel Gallery

The Giuseppe Penone exhibition at the Whitechapel Gallery is a must. He is the master of arte povera and I find his work incredibly inspiring and beautiful. His latest installation is a 12 metre bronze cast of a tree with gold leaf interior; the intricate detail of his work is mesmerising.

Roses and Coral

Every season has it’s own smells and colours. I always add bits of decoration around my home which reflect the time of year and as autumn approaches, my dining room table sees a mix of beachy coral and the velvety autumnal colours of these dark roses; summer and winter together make the perfect September!

Allegra by Allegra

I am so excited about the launch of my new diffusion line Allegra by Allegra, sold at John Lewis! This line was inspired by the rich tones of precious stones and metals; rich Ruby hues, divine Amethyst, cool Lapis Lazuli and enveloping shades of gold and silver.