Allegra Hicks



January 6, 2014


Matera, in the south of Italy, is one of the oldest inhabited cities in the world and an extraordinary place to visit. It has stood still in time and history here is a thing of the present. It is an enchanted place with the tufo stones giving it a constant golden glow.

Alpine Lake

The cold pastels of an Alpine winter’s afternoon sky is an image just as magical as that of pines heavy with snow. The lake is near frozen and the frosty air on this January day held its surroundings in absolute stillness with not a sound to break ice.

The Eye

The Eye – one of my signature designs – follows me around; the world over I always come across the motif. It is a symbol of luck to me so what more fitting in the first month of a new year, than to encounter it here, scribbled on an electrical box in the street. Happy New Year!