Allegra Hicks


Jubilee, Panarea and Pomegranate Drinks

June 1, 2012

Jubilee Window Dispaly

I love the way Britain is gearing up for the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee. Everyday I drive past Peter Jones and see the fabulously British window displays full of bunting, royal cups of tea, hampers filled with the most British of snacks and Union Jack table cloths.

Panarea Wall Chalk:

I took this picture on the Sicilian island of Panarea. I love graffiti and this one looks like a modern archaeological drawing. The beauty of street art is that it gives context to a memory attached to a place and makes you remember moments spent there.

Pomegranate and Strawberry Drink

Serves 2-3
-2/3 cup of fresh pomegranate juice.
-1 cup of fresh strawberries
-Vanilla extract (add to taste)
-ice cubes
Blend and add a sprig of fresh mint for decoration.