Allegra Hicks



May 1, 2014

Ludek Lancellotti

I love these colourful vases – they have a wonderful glazed look and are chic and elegant. Vases are a great way way to add colour accents in a home and these are exceptionally beautiful.

Casa dell' Obelisco

Built between 1954 and 1959 by the architects Sergio Jaretti and Elio Luzi, this amazing house in Turin is an emblem of my childhood. I have passed by this house my whole life and in the 17th century grandeur of Turin architecture, I find this house, modern, interesting and timeless.


These wonderful hand painted snake plates were designed for the Salone del Mobile by Laboratorio Paravicini. It produces its own white ceramic biscuit, on which Benedetta Medici and Costanza Paravicini hand paint or apply screen or digital printed designs. They are beautiful, chic and the perfect table decorations.