Allegra Hicks



May 2, 2013

Tinted Glass Window

I came across this tinted glass window on an old stone house in the South of France and found it enchanting. I imagine the changing light of day allows the glass to emit a varying palette of shades – clear aquas, deep turquoise and rich emeralds being projected on the other side. Fab!

Biscuits at the Rug Company

I love going to the Rug Company showroom on the King’s Road! Not just because of the beautiful carpets, but also because there is always something fresh baking in the oven like these fabulous breakfast biscuits with my Eye, Drop and Heart designs on them cooked by their on site chef! Thank you Rug Company – aren’t they fabulous?

Rena's Table Setting

My friend Rena Sindi is the Queen of table settings! She has a talent for making things look stylish, beautiful and effortless. Here she mixed an array of maroon and fuchsia hues to create a table that looks like a beautiful painting. My friends give me ideas for my own work – are you inspired to dress up your table like Rena?