Allegra Hicks



October 1, 2013

Autumn Leaves

The changes in the weather ignite many seasonal familiarities in my senses. The air smells fresh but musty with the fallen leaves on the ground; they sound a crunch beneath my feet when I walk and paint rainbows of oranges, rubies and golds into the landscape. Autumn is here.

Soon by Alba Arikha

This is a wonderful book of poetry – so personal and tender. It was published in September by CB editions and is a wonderfully sensitive read which entwines musical and textual narrative beautifully.

Marisa Merz at the Serpentine

This is a brilliant exhibition which runs until the 10th of November at the Serpentine. Marisa Merz’s pieces are curated in a manner that make her impact and influence plain to see. She is a visionary and the lady of arte povera,